What is the cost price of NZ domains?

All domains under .nz including both second-level ( and third-level ( registrations have the same wholesale fee of $18.00 NZD per year.

Why are some of my domains being automatically renewed for one year?

.nz domain names are automatically renewed (auto-renew) at the end of their registration period. The default value of an auto-renew is one year. A domain name has to be actively deleted by the registrar and can only be deleted upon request or where the registrant has not complied with their agreement with the registrar and deletion is specified as a possible result.


Under our implementation of EPP all names will auto-renew for one year at the end of their registration period unless deleted. If you would like to renew your domains for greater than one year, you need to perform a renewal with a term greater than one year before the end of the registration period. If a domain has already been renewed by the auto-renew and it is inside the 45-day auto-renewal grace period, you can delete the domain to roll back the auto-renew and then renew the domain for the required term.


.nz Renew period (renewPeriod) - The grace period (5 days) after a domain has been explicitly renewed by the Registrar. This grace period following a domain name renewal allows the Registrar to delete the domain if necessary and obtain a credit for the cost of the renewal.


Auto-renew period (autoRenewPeriod) - This grace period (45 days) occurs after a domain has been automatically renewed by the Registry. If the domain is deleted during this period, there is a refund for the cost of the renewal.

Can I reverse a Domain renewal?

If the renewal transaction occurred within the Renewal Grace Period (i.e. within the last five days), you may delete the domain (which removes the renewal transaction) then immediately restore to ensure the domain remains active in the zone file (See Note below).


If the billed until date is less than the current date restoring the domain will activate an instant auto renew on the domain to catch up the billing. Please see Auto-renew on domains restored from redemption

Does Internetnz charge for restoring a domain from redemption period?

There is no charge from Internetnz to restore a domain from redemption.