Portal 2fa is not working?

Users should have saved their recovery code to a secure location. If you do not have your recovery codes please contact registrar support registry.replacement@internetnz.net.nz

How do I reset my portal password?

You can use the Forgot Password link on the portal log in page. Enter your portal user ID and click the Submit button. An email with instructions on how to create a new password will be sent to the email address on record for the user.

How do I reset my EPP users password?

You will need to log in to the portal as an admin user and go to the Admin > Users section. Search for the EPP user and click on the username when that is displayed.

Enter and confirm the new password in the Reset Password section at the bottom right and then click the green Update User button at the top of the left hand menu panel. You should then see “The command executed successfully” shown in green at the top right of the page.

How do I provide Portal access for remote staff that do not have static a IP addresses?

Our suggestion would be to use a VPN for your staff to connect to the OTE portal. We could then whitelist the VPN IP address.

Alternatively your staff would need a static IP addresse to be whitelisted.


Registrar are able to manage their own whitelisting for Portal, EPP and TBR use:

I get a 403 “Request forbidden by administrative rules.” when trying to access the portal

You will have been trying to connect from an IP address which has not whitelisted for portal access. If you admin user is unable to whitelist your IP for the portal then please contact registry.replacement@internetnz.net.nz to request that the IP address be whitelisted for portal access.


Registrar are able to manage their own whitelisting for Portal, EPP and TBR use:

How do I save changes while trying to create a new user?

You need to click the same “Create User” button at the top left which you would have used to start the process. That will now be green.

Service messages can be seen by all our Portal users . Is this normal?

Yes it is normal. When you login to the portal using any portal user assigned to your registrar account you will see messages relating to the registrar account itself and not limited to the user you log in as.