Will reports be available for automated handling e.g. via SFTP (Secure File Access Protocol)?

Once we have a better understanding of your requirements we are happy to explore options and analyse the viability of providing automated handling of reports.

Will there be two OTE registrar IDs for testing?

This is still under discussion and will be confirmed in the upcoming forums.

Can you elaborate more about the Reseller Name extension?

The Reseller Name Extension is intended to give registrants visibility of the relationship between resellers and registrars. It is also intended to give extra visibility of the reseller market. Our current WHOIS response only displays the registrar name, and registrants either get confused because they’ve never heard of the registrar because they deal with a reseller or they think the registrar is who they should deal with, while their domain name is registered via a reseller to the registrar.

Currently, the .nz policy does not support the display of reseller names as part of the WHOIS response.

Are contact handles brought over during domain transfer?

Contacts are brought over and a new handle/contact ID is generated and from there the registrar can update/change.

Are linked hosts editable? If so won’t that affect all domains linked to that host? If you make a mistake editing IP, will that risk all associated domains?

The way the new registry system manages Hosts is different compared to the way it is currently managed. A detailed one page is being produced and will be circulated to outline the differences and the approach going forward.

Do you plan to change the current drop catch process and do you have a dedicated dropzone?

Yes, the new drop catch process will be different from the current one. Please refer to the presentation from 9th of September, slides 15 - 21 for the details.

Is the domain necessarily renewed on transfer?

Domains can be transferred without a renewal.

Will a transfer without a renewal be charged?

.nz does not charge for domain name transfers.

The TBR server would be impractical if registrars could not connect to the system all the time. This creates a problem for monitoring. Can we allow connection all the time and transactions (like create) during the drop hour?

TBR server connections behave exactly the same as EPP server connections, so connections can be made at any time; however, if any transactions are sent outside of a drop-catch session then the following error will be received: 8455 - Droplist session is not currently open.