Droplist (Drop Catch) Process

Has the drop catch process changed?

Yes, the new IRS droplist (drop catch) process is significantly different from the previous SRS one. Please refer to the technical forum slides 9th of September 2021, slides 15 - 21 for the details.

Also see the following from the Technical Changes Droplist section.

Plus the Interfaces Droplist API section.

Can registrars maintain connection to the TBR server (to-be-released (TBR) server) at any time?

TBR server connections behave exactly the same as EPP server connections, so connections can be made at any time; however, if any transactions are sent outside of a drop-catch session window, then the following error will be received: 8455 - Droplist session is not currently open.

How long is each droplist session open for?

Each droplist session will be open for 1 hour starting at 2 am UTC.

What happens to a domain name not claimed from a droplist session?

Any domain name not claimed from a droplist session will be released for public registration immediately after the close of the session at 3 am UTC.