EPP Protocol

Are there any new EPP extensions?

Yes, there are a number of standard extensions as listed below; however note we are yet to confirm whether we will use them all:

· contact-1.0 - RFC 5733

· domain-1.0 - RFC 5731

· epp-1.0, eppall-1.0, and eppcom-1.0 - RFC 5730

· fee-0.9 - RFC Draft: brown-epp-fees

· fee-0.11 - RFC Draft: regext-epp-fees

· host-1.0 - RFC 5732

· idn-1.0 - RFC Draft: eppext-idnmap

· launch-1.0 - RFC Draft: regext-launchphase

· mark-1.0 and signedMark-1.0 - RFC 7848

· rgp-1.0 - RFC 3915

· secDNS-1.1 - RFC 5910

The following are the custom extensions:

· fury 2.0 - Generic properties

· fury-rgp-1.0 - RGP

When will EPP interface definition documentation be released and will it include all of the poll messages rather than just examples?

The base CIRA interface documentation needs updating for .nz specific customisations. Precise dates are yet to be determined, but we will keep you advised of progress and release the documentation, with the customizations and a full list of poll messages, to the online space .nz registry documentation as soon as it’s ready.

Are there changes to command limits/sessions limits?

We have been working on the basis of a maximum of 10 connections (same as current) to the main EPP interface, and our intention is to continue with a maximum of 10. However, drop-catching connection limits will be different. Drop-catching will be covered in an upcoming discussion.