The 2022 registry platform has standardised on the globally adopted Extensible Provisioning Protocol (EPP).

Accessing the Registry EPP Service

EPP is a protected service, accessed by accounts configured with EPP as their Account Type. EPP communication between the Registrar and the Registry allows the Registrar to manage domains and their associated objects without using the web portal.

To use EPP, you must use either the initial EPP account provided to you by the Product Support team or an EPP account that you have created through the web portal.

Accessing registry’s web portal requires accounts configured with Portal as their Account Type.

Registrars must ensure that EPP requests meet EPP standards as defined by the following:

registry parses all incoming requests using a validating XML parser that reads the XML and validates XML syntax before processing the request.

Operational Testing and Evaluation (OT&E) Environment (not yet available)

The registry will be providing a safe test environment that allows Registrars to test their systems without affecting the production database.

The OT&E environment mimics production and as such, it is strongly recommended that Registrars keep their test information unique and generic.

Registrars can work in the OT&E environment in both EPP and through the registry web portal.