2023-12-07 nz registrar news - December 2023

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In today’s email:

  • Registry support over the break

  • Conflicted domain names resolution

  • Production IRS release 8.7.1

  • Registrar contact refresh

Registry support over the break

Our .nz support team will cover all regular business days over the Christmas and New Year period via email at registry@internetnz.net.nz and phone at (+64) 4 931-6970 from 8:30 am until 5:30 pm NZDT.

Our call centre will cover after-hours and public holidays for emergency technical support at (+64) 4 496-4697. Please refer to our website for detailed after-hours support information.

Public holidays:

  • Monday 25 December and Tuesday 26 December

  • Monday 1 January and Tuesday 2 January

Conflicted domain names resolution

In 2014, the .nz domain name space released registrations directly at the second level. If there was more than one existing .nz domain name registered at the third level (e.g. anyname.co.nz and anyname.net.nz), the second level domain anyname.nz would become conflicted.

Over the years, we’ve been working on reducing the number of conflicted domain names. You can read the overview of this process on the Domain Name Commission website.

Currently, around 1,370 domain names are still held out from registration because unresolved preferences have been lodged by parties who hold the third-level registration.

For example, both anyname.co.nz and anyname.org.nz holders want to register anyname.nz, but the parties haven’t agreed on who should be allowed to register it.

In 2024, InternetNZ will conduct a consultation on resolving these conflicted domain names. Watch out for more communication on this, as registrars will get the chance to give feedback on how the process should occur. For now, please note that InternetNZ will be writing to all the affected registrants, offering them the opportunity to sign up to receive information about the consultation. Please send any questions to dotnzreview@internetnz.net.nz

Production IRS Release 8.7.1

After IRS released 8.7.1, we were made aware of a behaviour change regarding the renewal of restored domains. This change was undocumented by our software vendor. It adversely affected a few of our registrars.

Please refer to our documentation for more details.

Registrar contact refresh

We are updating contact and company information for all of our .nz registrars. Some of you have already received an email about this, and we would really appreciate it if you could assist us by responding to it.

We are doing this to ensure that we can contact registrar personnel when required and adhere to our Privacy Policy

Is your company information on our website correct?

Do you have a new logo or a new website address? Please contact us at registry@internetnz.net.nz, and we’ll update your company information on the InternetNZ website

Registrar testing for IRS releases

Friendly reminder: registrars can test using the OTE environment at any time. It is always recommended that registrars test all of their production processes in OTE before any new release of the IRS to production.

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