2021-11-24 .nz registry replacement technical newsletter

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Action required and heads up. Key dates to note. Operational testing environment feedback from our early adopters. IRS status update. Meeting slides and notes for .nz registrar technical forum. Join .nz registrars Slack channel.

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Key dates for the .nz registry replacement

We are giving you an early heads up on the key dates and timeframes for the .nz registry replacement, so you can start planning your 2022, allocate resources for the transition to the new registry system, and reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.

We strongly encourage you to share these dates with your team, so you can be fully prepared for the .nz registry change.

As you see, we are planning to sign a new connection and authorisation agreement with all registrars early next year. We’ll confirm the key dates for the .nz registry replacement, the .nz Rules change, and the overall change impact on .nz registrars, in that agreement.

In January 2022, we will be undertaking some very early migration testing. It should give us the final bits of information for confirming, by 31 January 2022, the InternetNZ Registry System (IRS) go-live/production date. If our testing goes well, the go-live date could potentially be late June which is on the earlier end of our projected time frame of July-September.

Key dates to note

By 22 December 2021 InternetNZ will send connection forms to all .nz registrars for setting up access to the operational testing environment (OTE).

By 31 January 2022 Target date for registrars to send connection forms back for access to the OTE. InternetNZ is aiming to set the transition data (go-live date). By the end of January, we should be in a position to confirm the dates below through to go-live.

February-March 2022 InternetNZ plans to send new IRS service connection agreements to all .nz registrars. Internet NZ will update the expected service transition (go live) date range. Formal OTE staggered testing starts.

March-April 2022 Deadline for registrars to send connection agreements back to access the IRS.

April-May 2022 Ramped up period of registrar testing within the OTE.

June 2022 Official testing ends and production onboarding kicks off.

June-September 2022 Current tentative time frame for the IRS go-live/production.

Latest updates

IRS status update

We are happy to let you know that seven of our early adopters have connected, and are using/testing and exploring the Registrar Portal and EPP API in OTE.

Please note that the OTE is currently not complete and some settings may change. This is because some IRS features are still under development and will become available in upcoming releases.

Operational testing environment feedback from our early adopters

We would appreciate feedback from our early adopters as we will use it to shape upcoming communications, webinars, documentation and education material along with the InternetNZ Product Documentation website.

Please share your feedback in relation to

IRS functionality, IRS documentation, changes from the old EPP to the standard IRS EPP that we need to outline. We will collect the feedback and will share it with all registrars and on our InternetNZ Product Documentation website.

Meeting slides and notes for .nz registrar technical forum

We had a great technical forum on November 10 and 11.

You can find the slides and the meeting notes on our website: https://docs.internetnz.nz/registry/comms/reg_forum/

Join our Slack channel and ask questions

We encourage you to connect with us and with your fellow .nz registrars through the Slack channel.

You can join via this link: Registry replacement slack channel