2021-09-14 .nz registrar technical forum: meeting notes and future sessions in two time zones

Kia ora

Please see the materials from the last .nz registrar technical forum meeting that took place on 9 September:

.nz registrar technical forum meeting slides, agenda

.nz registrar technical forum meeting notes

Covering different time zones including Europe

As requested by European registrars, the team has decided to run each upcoming forum over two sessions.

One session will be Wednesdays at 8 PM NZDT (10 AM European time). Second session will be as usual Thursdays at 8.30 AM NZDT. Both sessions will cover the same technical forum topics.

For the next registrar technical forum, we’ll send you two calendar invites, so you can pick one in your time zone.

Drop us a line if you have any questions, considerations or suggestions.