2021-07-27 Next .nz registrar technical forum is on 5 August, Portal demo, hope to see you there!

Kia ora

You are receiving this email because you’ve previously expressed an interest in, or might have attended the first .nz registrar technical forum in July.

Our next session will be another excellent opportunity for you to join us. And we are pleased to confirm that Don Slaunwhite, Product Manager from CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority), will be giving a registrar portal demo on 5 August, 8.30 am NZST. Please confirm your availability when you receive the calendar invite.

Second .nz registrar technical forum agenda:

Answers to your questions from the first .nz registrar technical forum. More exciting topics to consult on, including authcodes and those ever-elusive WHOIS DS records. Registrar portal demo by CIRA. Format Video call via Google Meets.

Do I need specific technical knowledge? Yes, it’d be good to nominate a technical person to participate in the forum to get the most out of it.

Time commitment We expect it to be regular 1 to 1.5 hour online meetings.

Who will be there During the forum meetings, you’ll have an opportunity to see the base version of the platform ahead of the .nz customizations and configurations being in place, recap on earlier questions, and discuss the new .nz registry features with fellow registrars and the InternetNZ team. For this forum, Don Slaunwhite, Product Manager from CIRA, is joining us.

What if I miss a meeting? Not all invitees to the forum may be able to join each call, but we’ll share the documents, the demo recording, and meeting notes, to ensure everyone is on the same page. We will also prepare a summary of each meeting for all registrars to keep them informed.

Where will you publish the meeting notes? We are launching an online space for the registry replacement project in August, alongside the .nz registry documentation. We’ll publish the registrar technical forum materials and other information there.

Next steps Please make sure that emails from registry.replacement@internetnz.net.nz are not landing in Spam.

If you think someone else from your company also needs to join the forum, just hit ‘reply’ and let us know their name and email address.

Your input will help us to make better decisions along the way and together we will build a world-class .nz registry that’s reliable and easy to use.

We are looking forward to meeting you online!