API reference


The IRS provides an availability API for registrars to use. Whilst the response produces similar output to the current SRS availability API, i.e domain and domain status are returned, there are a number of differences:

  • Request parameters

  • Response structure

  • Status code not returned

  • Status values are different


We recommend that you refer to the API reference in the IRS portal help pages.


The current SRS Droplist API provides registrars with access to the list of all domains which are two days approximately from the end of their 90-day PendingRelease period and the associated date they are likely to be released.

The new Droplist API will return all domains that will be released on the date and time specified in the API Droplist request but will be significantly different.


We are making changes to the drop list rules and process. When the details are finalised we will publish them here in the docs.

List of domains in upcoming session

To retrieve a list of all domains in an upcoming Droplist session, use the following API parameters to specify the date and time of the upcoming session.

droplist app Input parameters

Droplist session date and time:

  • api/tbr/session?datetime=YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS



Output parameters

  • The next session’s date and time

  • The number of domain names in that session

  • The name of each domain in the session

Sample output:


List of domains claimed in last Droplist session This API will provide the list of domains that were registered during a Droplist session.

Input parameter


  • api/tbr/lastsessionresults

Output parameters

  • Droplist session time

  • Count of domains claimed in that session

  • Array of claimed domains containing:

    • Domain name

    • Registrar who claimed the domain

    • Created date and time in ascending order

Sample output:

  "releaseDate": "2019-02-25T19:55:51.575Z",
 "numberOfDomainNames": 1,
  "domains": [
      "domainName": "hk-redemption-period-to-pending-delete.nz",
      "registrarName": "Gaining Registrar",
      "timestamp": "2019-02-28T20:00:23.569Z"}