.nz registry replacement team would like to let you know that we are ready for the .nz registry migration on 1 November. Below you will find the timing, communications channels and technical support processes for the migration day, as well as registrar readiness checklists.

1st November go-live timing

  • 7:30am NZDT - 12:30pm NZDT is the migration window.

  • Starting 7:30am NZDT legacy SRS production environment will be switched to maintenance mode.

    • From that moment, you will have read-only access to the SRS.

    • We will notify you about the migration start via email, and the InternetNZ status page will automatically be updated when the system goes into maintenance mode.

    • We will update the page if any change to the planned migration window end time is required. Users subscribed to the status service will get notifications when any updates are made.

  • 12:00pm NZDT - Migration checkpoint. In the event of any migration delays or changes to the migration window:

    • we will email your key contact address for the .nz registry replacement, and update the status page.

  • 12:30pm NZDT - switch off access to the Production Legacy SRS.

  • 12:30pm NZDT - is the planned migration finish time.

    • Unless otherwise notified, the IRS will go live and open at this time at the end of the window

    • We will also send out an email to confirm the status of the migration and the IRS, and

    • update the status page.

1st November go-live technical support process

  • You can email support on registry.replacement@internetnz.net.nz, ring us on (644) 931-6970, or use: Slack #help-and-support channel

  • Please note that we won’t be able to make any changes to the system during the migration window.

  • Remember to provide support to your registrants and resellers — they won’t be able to register or update their .nz domains during the window and may contact your support teams about that.

1 November go-live registrar readiness check lists

  • Preparing for the migration day, please check that:

  • Portal users have IRS portal user ID and password

  • EPP API users have EPP user ID and password

  • EPP API users have a signed SSL certificate

  • You have outage notification for your registrants and resellers — on your website and/or on your social media channels

  • You have registrant and reseller support messaging ready and your technical support teams are aware of potential .nz-related support tickets.

As soon as practical after you gain access to IRS, please check:

  • The details on your registrar page in the IRS portal, such as registrar website, billing and public address are correct.

  • Set up any user IDs required by your staff in the IRS portal.

  • Set up any EPP users you require in the IRS portal.

  • Add any IP addresses you need for Portal, API and Droplist (TBR) to the Allowlists in the IRS portal.

  • Validate that you can connect to the EPP service and the EPP account you created in the portal.

  • Subscribe to the status page email updates.

It’s been a very long journey, and we’d never make it so far without all your hard work and support of the .nz registry replacement. Please reach out if you have any last-minute questions. Otherwise, we wish you a smooth migration, and see you in the new system soon!