EPP interface

EPP extensions

The following are the XSD extensions supported by IRS:

  • contact-1.0 - RFC 5733

  • domain-1.0 - RFC 5731

  • epp-1.0, eppall-1.0, and eppcom-1.0 - RFC 5730

  • fee-0.9 - RFC Draft: brown-epp-fees

  • fee-0.11 - RFC Draft: regext-epp-fees

  • host-1.0 - RFC 5732

  • idn-1.0 - RFC Draft: eppext-idnmap

  • launch-1.0 - RFC Draft: regext-launchphase

  • mark-1.0 and signedMark-1.0 - RFC 7848

  • rgp-1.0 - RFC 3915

  • secDNS-1.1 - RFC 5910


Launch/Mark/SignedMark are all extensions for Launch phases. We are not planning on using them for .nz.

Fee 0.9 is an earlier version of the Fee extension and 0.11 is the latest version

The following are the Fury-specific custom extensions:

  • fury 2.0 - Generic properties

  • fury-rgp-1.0 - RGP

Request and response

Service messages (Poll message)

There are no differences between the commands for retrieving and acknowledging poll messages.


  • In SRS the UDAI was returned by a service message for a registrar domain create or registrar new UDAI request. This will not happen in IRS.

  • In IRS all the service messages have changed - refer to the online help → Supplementary Documents → Error Codes and Messages

  • In IRS poll messages expire - poll expiry time span is 30 days

In IRS service messages can also be viewed and acknowledged in the IRS portal and up to 100 messages can be selected and acknowledged at a time.