IRS Release 8.16

This release includes all the revisions and updates made since version 8.7.

Release 8.16

The login form now explicitly disables autocomplete.

Release 8.15


Advanced Search Update

  • With this release, users can perform an Advanced Domain search to retrieve IDN domains.

  • Doing an Advanced search on Contact Organization or Contact City is now case insensitive.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue when exporting the Domain List in the portal, which was not working correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where Firefox users were unable to select the drop-down month or year in calendar pop-up windows.

Host Name Updates

  • With this release, the hostname will be displayed in U-label format. You can also enter the U-label version of a hostname when you are creating a hostname.

  • Now, a new A-label field appears on the Host Information page that shows the ASCII-Compatible Encoded (ACE) label of a hostname that begins with a Punycode encoded string. This field is only displayed if the hostname contains IDN characters.

  • You can now search on a U-Label hostname when performing a host search.

Release 8.14

No registrar impact changes.

Release 8.13

No registrar impact changes.

Release 8.12



  • Fix the registrar domain list and transaction detail char-sets when opening them in Excel.


  • DNSSEC Status is now a search criteria for domain advanced search.

Release 8.11



  • Fixed issue where mandatory Zip/Postal Code does not display an asterisk.

  • Searching for an existing 3rd-level domain now displays as registered instead of invalid in the API.

  • Fixed issue where linked Contacts are removed on any Error in Domain Creation in Portal

Release 8.10

No registrar impact changes.

Release 8.9

No registrar impact changes.

Release 8.8


  • Added descriptive message in 404 Page Not Found error.

  • Enabled case-insensitive searches for contact and registrar fields in all Advanced Searches.