IRS Release 8.7

This release includes all the revisions and updates that have been made since version 8.0

Unspecified domain restore behaviour change

In release 8.3, as part of our Upgrade to 8.7 our software vendor had included an undocumented change made for a new feature not used by INZ.

This has changed the restore domain from redemption process .

Prior to this release on restore from redemption a domain would be placed into a “registered” state but not actually renewed. The housekeeper process would then run between 0 seconds and 5 minutes later to autorenew the domain leaving a window of opportunity used by some registrars to do an explicit renewal.

Now when a domain is restored from redemption the domain instantly autorenews for one year. If a multi year renewal on a domain restore from redemption is required registrars will need to take into account that autorenew on restore will automatically renew the domain for one year and they should then submit an explicit renewal for the remaining term required. I.e. the renewal term minus 1 year.

Release 8.7

No registrar impact changes

Release 8.6

Updated Error Messages

With this release, more descriptive error messages now appear if there are problems with user account validation.

Release 8.5

Password change update

When users attempt to change their password when their account’s two-factor authentication status is Requires Setup, the following error message “Finish setup of 2FA and try again” now appears.

Release 8.4

New Support of EPP Fee Extension 1.0

IRS now supports the use of the EPP Fee Extension version 1.0. For more information, see the accompanying rfc8748

Password Reset updates

Now when you update your password on the Edit User page, you must enter your current password before you can enter the new password. If you have two-factor authentication enabled and active, you must also enter the one-time code to complete the password reset.

Contact Identifier update

With this release, Contact IDs can now contain an underscore.

Updates to error pages

The 404 (Page not found) and 500 (Internal server error) pages now display the IRS portal menu so that navigation may occur away from the error page. With this release, a more descriptive error message is returned when a user attempts a direct link to an IRS object.

Bug Fixed

Fixed an issue where the Domain Transfer dialog was not displaying a price for IDN domain names.

Release 8.3

Bug Fixed

Fixed an issue where the IP Allowlist field was not working correctly when spaces were used to separate multiple IP addresses. Now you must use a comma to separate IP addresses in the IP Allowlist field; you can no longer use spaces.

Release 8.2

Droplist API Update

The API endpoints, as well as associated error messages for Droplist APIs, have now been updated to refer to “Droplist” instead of “TBR”. Note that the API endpoints that use TBR will still be valid; they will be deprecated at a later date.

New Export Search Results

With this release, you can now export search results to a CSV file for the following:

  • Domains

  • Contacts

  • Hosts

  • User and API Client Accounts

  • Registrars

  • Tags

Bug Fix

The EPP Server ID <svID> response in EPP Greeting has been updated to be less than 64 characters in length.

Release 8.1

Allowlist IP Addresses Update

Users can now enter up to 200 IP addresses, including ranges (to a maximum of 4000 characters) in the IP Allowlist Settings section of the Registrar Settings page.

Domain Availability/Validation Check API Updates

When an Invalid response is returned for an API domain availability/validation check, a reason is now included with the response.

Password Policy Update

The Password Policy page now contains history information for actions performed by the Registry that affected the password policy settings.

Portal Update

Users can now perform an Advanced Domain and Contact Search on Registrant Lock.

Bugs Fixed

Fixed an issue where creating or updating a contact with an invalid email address using EPP returns an error code with no message.

Fixed an issue where the domain listing results were not sorting alphabetically.