Creating a contact

Contacts can be created using the IRS portal or via the EPP API.

A contact can be for an individual or a non-individual. The following guidance should be followed when creating a registrant contact:

  • For an individual, “Name” is used for the name of the domain name holder/registrant

  • For a non-individual, “Name” is used for the company or organisation name of the domain name holder. The org field can be used to provide additional information about the company/organisation if required.

Deleting a contact

The IRS housekeeper deletes orphaned contact records after a defined period of time.


While a contact is associated to a domain it has a status of linked.

When the contact record becomes orphaned, the “pending_delete_effective” period begins (set to 60 days). At the end of this period the status changes to pendingDelete.

As soon as the contact is in a state pendingDelete the “pending_delete_expiry” continues. Note the pending delete expiry period (90 days) is the total sum of the orphaned and pendingDelete states. At the end of this period the housekeeper deletes the contact.

To restore the contact from the pendingDelete state, link (re-associated) it with a domain, the status will return to linked and the counters are reset.