UDAI Storage - 2018 SRS Release 7.14

A UDAI is a randomly generated unique identifier that is required to authenticate requests to transfer domain names from one registrar to another. In 2014 DNCL approved a small number of amendments related to UDAIs in the following policies:

These changes came into effect on 11th February 2018 and resulted in the following impact to registrars and registrants:

EPP Protocol and UDAI

UDAI are returned to registrars via queued service messages. After a registrar has acknowledged a message from their poll queue, any UDAI present in the message on our servers will be removed.

SRS Protocol and UDAI

For security reasons, we are no longer returning UDAI in the GetMessages ActionDetailsQry transactions and response however UDAI are still returned in the DomainCreate and DomainUpdate responses. If the SRS server receives a request with the same RegistrarId and ActionId as a previous request, and identical request details, the server responds by returning the response that was sent to the original request. However if the response contained a UDAI then the UDAI is removed from the response and not sent.

Previous UDAI Behaviour

A UDAI was previously returned when: * A SRS GetMessages request transaction response. * A SRS ActionDetailsQry request transaction response.

SRS and EPP transactions to Generate and Validate UDAI

Registrars can validate a UDAI using either of the following transactions:

Registrars can generate a new UDAI using either of the following transactions:

  • SRS DomainUpdate request with the NewUDAI parameter

    ( see srs-transactions - DomainUpdate )

  • EPP domain:update request

    ( see epp-commands - domain:update )