SRS Release 7.0 - 2015

SRS 7.0 was released on Sunday 1st of November 2015 and included significant internal changes to our application, libraries, underlying operating system and deployment architecture.

The changes in Release 7.0 reflect our efforts to maintain and ensure future stability and support for both the SRS application and the underlying operating system, libraries and systems we use to provision it.

Changes in Release 7.0

Other Changes

Whois Server

Nameserver IP glue was previously returned before associated Nameserver and is now reported after:

SRS 6.x behaviour:


SRS 7.x behaviour examples:


Connecting to the SRS Test environment

SRS release 7.0 is available in the test environment to allow for registrar testing.

SRS Protocol


EPP Protocol

EPP host:
EPP port: 700

Whois Server

WHOISd host:
WHOISd port: 43
Example command: whois -h

If you encounter any issues during your testing or need help with your connection to the SRS RPS instance please contact