This page provides a very early preview of anticipated changes, and we’ll continue to revise this as we define our final requirements and customizations to the registry platform.

General changes

authInfo (previously. UDAI)

Revisions to the .nz policy mean that the registry is no longer required to generate authInfo/UDAIs, which we returned via Poll messages; Registrars may instead set them via EPP.


We will still enforce authInfo restrictions like minimum length requirements.

Migrating from SRS

Migrating from legacy .nz EPP

  • The registry will no longer generate authInfo/UDAIs returned via Poll messages; Registrars may set them via EPP.

  • Nameservers will now be stored as Host objects.

Differences from generic EPP


The 2022 Registry Platform will continue to store AuthInfo with one-way cryptography/password hashing. Registrars using EPP cannot use a domain:info response to fetch the existing authInfo, as we do not hold this information in the original form.

InternetNZ will attempt to align with the secure-authinfo-transfer IETF draft where practical.