2022-06-14 nz registry replacement technical newsletter #11

Kia ora!

Welcome to the .nz registry replacement technical newsletter.

You are receiving it because you have nominated yourself as the primary contact for the .nz registry replacement project.

In today’s newsletter:

  • Key dates.

  • .nz Connection Agreement deadline is 20 June 2022.

  • Certificate-only connection reminder.

  • IRS testing reminder.

  • IRS webinar is this week.

Key dates

14 June 2022, OTE requires all connections to use authentication through the specified port with the signed OTE certificate.

20 June 2022 is the .nz Connection Agreement deadline.

30 June 2022 is the next go-live checkpoint.

Target go-live date for the new InternetNZ Registry System (IRS) will not be before October 2022.

We have updated the high-level registry replacement plan and the timetable on the InternetNZ Product Documentation website to reflect the new changes.

.nz Connection Agreement deadline is 20 June 2022

We emailed a new .nz Connection Agreement to your primary contact(s) on 23 May 2022.

Please review and return a signed agreement by 20 June 2022, as this allows you to access the new registry system and maintain your .nz registrar accreditation.

Cut-over to certificate-only connection for the IRS

We have sent back the signed certificates to those registrars that have sent in their OTE/Prod CSRs. However, a significant number still need to send in their CSRs or confirm that they will only use the Portal going forward.

On Tuesday, 14 June, we discontinued the service without authentication on the specified port.

IRS testing reminder

All registrars need to access the operational testing environment. We have provided an IRS registrar technical test guide to help you with that. You can also download it from the InternetNZ Product Documentation website.

You are not expected to complete every test scenario in that document, but you can if you choose to.

We will be asking registrars to complete an actual operational and evaluation test before migration to the IRS production, and we will send that out at the appropriate time.

This test is a part of assessing registrars’ readiness for the IRS production migration. It will include a subset of questions outlined in the IRS registrar testing guide.

The testing needs to be concluded by the end of August.

Please, reach out to the .nz registry replacement team if you need any support with testing.

IRS webinar on 14-15 June

The next IRS webinar is taking place on 14-15 June.


InternetNZ Registry System (IRS) second walkthrough.

IRS-specific features: reporting, tags, droplist, emails.


Google Meet links

14 June at 11 AM CET (9 PM NZST and 5 AM EST);

15 June at 9 AM NZST (14 June 5 pm EST).

We encourage you to send your questions to registry.replacement@internetnz.net.nz before the webinar.

Join our Slack channel and ask questions

We encourage you to connect with your fellow .nz registrars and with us through the Slack channel.

You can join via this link: Registry replacement slack channel