2022-04-06 .nz registry replacement - from monthly domain name renewals to annual renewals

Kia ora!

We are reaching out to support you to plan your .nz registrants billing migration from monthly domain name renewals to annual renewals.

The billing change is taking place as the .nz domain registration minimum term is changing from one month to one year. This change will come into effect when the InternetNZ Registry System (IRS) goes live. The target go-live date is 1 November 2022.

For your .nz registrants on yearly billing

Your .nz registrants on yearly billing won’t be directly impacted by the billing changes.

For your .nz registrants on monthly billing

Must do action — before 1st November 2022

You must notify your .nz registrants in advance of making any changes to current billing terms and/or domain name renewal dates. You need to send a notification to your registrants as outlined in your registrar terms and conditions before IRS go-live. Here is a notification example that you can use.

Options to help you handle changes to the billing term

  • Automatic renewals:

You can rely on the .nz auto-renew of domains if you currently allow domains to automatically renew. This means that the first month after go-live all your domains that renew monthly will renew automatically for a year and then continue to renew annually after that.

  • Even distribution of expiration dates:

If you adjust the renewal terms of your monthly domains now. It allows you to ensure a more even distribution of annual renewals throughout the year after the IRS go-live.

  • Consolidate domain expiration dates before the IRS go-live:

You may have domain name holders that have a large number of domain names that expire at different times throughout the year. These domain name holders may want to synchronize the dates for when their domains renew. You could change these renewal dates from their initial registration dates to a month the domain name holder selects. You need to do it before the IRS goes live on 1 November 2022, notifying your customers as outlined in your terms and conditions.

Do you need further assistance?

Please reach out to registry.replacement@internetnz.net.nz if you need help and we would be happy to work directly with you and your accounts team to answer your questions and help transition your .nz registrants from monthly to yearly renewals.