2022-03-22 nz registry replacement technical newsletter #8

Kia ora!

Welcome to the .nz registry replacement technical newsletter.

You are receiving it because you have nominated yourself as the primary contact for the .nz registry replacement project.

In today’s newsletter:

  • IRS registrars testing.

  • IRS walkthrough webinar recording.

  • Billing changes template.

  • Upcoming registrars technical forum.

IRS registrars testing

It has been almost three weeks since we have kicked off the formal OTE testing and we are glad to confirm that 89% of our .nz registrars are now connected to the OTE environment.

What do you need to do?

OTE testing is a crucial step towards IRS go-live, we encourage you to test all the IRS functionality and to share your questions/provide feedback.

What do I do if I have not yet connected to .nz OTE?

You need to reach out to us if you need help with filling up your OTE onboarding form. We are still proactively reaching out to some .nz registrars who have not yet submitted their .nz OTE onboarding form. Please make sure to return our phone calls and to proactively engage.

IRS walkthrough webinar recording

The webinar recording (Youtube)

Don Slaunwhite, CIRA’s product manager has done a demo of the IRS Registrar Portal to show the detailed portal functionality based on a registrar admin account.

Following this, Don has done a preview of the Fury EPP extensions from the online help that is present in the registrar portal. His main focus was on the Fury-specific custom extensions:

  • fury 2.0 - Generic properties

  • fury-rgp-1.0 RGP

Please note that the demo instance used in the recording is only for demonstration purposes. It does not reflect the actual production environment. It is important to note that the demo environment does not include all .nz configurations/rules.

The demo is only used to give a general overview of the overall IRS portal look and feel. Configurations/setup are still underway.

You can find the webinar meeting notes here.

Billing changes template

On the 15 and 16 Feb Technical Forum, we have referred to a template that we will prepare and we will make ready for registrars to use.

This template is intended to notify impacted registrants about the monthly to annual domain name registration changes.

Feel free to access and use the template outlined here.

Upcoming registrars technical forum

We are keen to shape our next registrars technical forum around data migration and we look forward to scheduling this in April. We will send out the invitation in due course.

Feel free to email us and to let us know if there are any specific topics that you want us to cover.

Join our Slack channel and ask questions

We encourage you to connect with us and with your fellow .nz registrars through the Slack channel.

The upcoming .nz registrar technical form is scheduled for 15 and 16 February, both in NZ and EU time zones. We are planning to cover the billing changes from monthly to yearly.

We will share the meeting notes and the meeting recording on the InternetNZ Product Documentation site after the meeting and will reach out directly to registrars affected by the billing change.

Join our Slack channel and ask questions

We encourage you to connect with us and with your fellow .nz registrars through the Slack channel.

You can join via this link: Registry replacement slack channel