2022-02-11 .nz registrar technical forum is next week

Kia ora

This is a friendly reminder that .nz registrar technical forum is next week. We’ll host two sessions: for the NZ and EU time zones. The content will be the same, so you can pick one session that suits you better.

How to join

The meetings will take place online via Google Meet. If you attend from your computer, click the link in the calendar invitation, and you’ll join the call in your browser. No registration is needed.

If you join from mobile, you’ll need to install an application first.

Google Meet app for iOS

Google Meet app for Android

Sessions calendar invites

for EU timezone: Tuesday 15 February, 9 pm NZST (8 am UK)

for NZ timezone: Wednesday 16 February, 2 pm NZST


Go-live date for the new .nz registry

Upcoming webinars

OTE Environment, formal testing and next steps

Billing changes

Documentation feedback

As usual, we’ll send out notes and slides after the meetings.