2022-02-08 .nz registry replacement technical newsletter - save the go-live date!

Kia ora!

Welcome to the .nz registry replacement technical newsletter.

You are receiving it because you have nominated yourself as the primary contact for the .nz registry replacement project.

In today’s newsletter:

  • Save the IRS go-live date

  • Other key dates to note

  • Registrars technical forum

Save the IRS go-live date!

We are happy to announce 3 August 2022 as our target go-live date. We will work with you closely to meet this deadline and have a successful migration of all .nz registrars to the new InternetNZ Registry System (IRS).

We strongly encourage you to plan for the migration early, so everyone in your team is aware of the cut-off date and is ready for the big move.

31 May is our checkpoint date — at this point, we’ll assess our readiness to go live in August, with COVID-19 impact on the project in mind.

Please reach out via email to registry.replacement@internetnz.net.nz if you have any questions about these dates or need additional support to meet the deadline.

Key dates to note

  • February 2022:

  • You will get a follow-up call if you have missed the onboarding connection form deadline.

    • We’ll set up some webinars covering more detail of what the changes will mean for you.

    • Formal OTE staggered testing starts.

    • March 2022: you’ll receive a new IRS service connection agreement.

  • April 2022: your deadline for sending the connection agreement back to us.

  • May 31, 2022: IRS go-live checkpoint date and migration readiness evaluation.

  • June 2022: official testing ends and production onboarding kicks off.

Registrars technical forum

The upcoming .nz registrar technical form is scheduled for 15 and 16 February, both in NZ and EU time zones. We are planning to cover the billing changes from monthly to yearly.

We will share the meeting notes and the meeting recording on the InternetNZ Product Documentation site after the meeting and will reach out directly to registrars affected by the billing change.

Join our Slack channel and ask questions

We encourage you to connect with us and with your fellow .nz registrars through the Slack channel.

You can join via this link: Registry replacement slack channel