Migration from SRS to EPP

To migrate from SRS XML to EPP you will need to follow the process below:

  1. Generate a CSR (Certificate Signing Request) with a minimum key-size of 2048-bits for use with the EPP server. Please use a CN which is unique to your registrar such as your domain or registrar ID.

  2. Send your CSR and IP addresses you will be using to connect to the .nz EPP server to registry@internetnz.net.nz

  3. Establish a connection to the .nz EPP test server once credentials have been provided by InternetNZ and start testing your interface. Please ensure you are able to process your Poll message queue, including:
    • Auto-renewals

    • Domain transfers in (For example if a domain is transferred to you as part of a DNC DRS action)

    • Domain transfers out (Triggered by another registrar or the registry as part of a DNC DRS action)

    • New UDAI messages

    • Domain lock

    • Domain unlock

  4. Decide how you will process your migration from SRS embedded contacts to contact handles (see Migration to Contact Handles below)

  5. Once you are confident you can handle all necessary actions via your EPP interface please email registry@internetnz.net.nz and they will provide you with production EPP credentials.


We recommend against using both SRS and EPP protocols simultaneously as there are a number of SRS transactions which create or update embedded SRS contacts by default, while the EPP server requires contact handles to function correctly.

Migration to Contact Handles

Depending on your use of the SRS protocol it is likely that all or most of your domains do not currently have contact handles assigned. Given the EPP mode of operation you will end up needing contact handles for the registrant, administrative and technical contacts.

You can continue operating without handles, but during the execution of DomainUpdate on your SRS domains the system will create the necessary contact handles automatically. This will lead to a situation where there is a mixture of domains with and without handles, which is not recommended.

If you wish to do so you can convert your domains to using contact handles via SRS, or alternatively we have a script we can execute to create these handles on your behalf once you’re ready for this to be done.